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Welcome to our new home (and yours) …
T E A   R e X®   O n l i n e

The digital sawdust has been flying, but now the doors are finally open as we welcome you to your new virtual teahouse.

We invite you to look around. You’ll find lots of exciting changes, improvements and updates to our old website ---with so many more on the way. Here’s a quick guide to a few changes, just to get you started:
NEW - CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS: Save checkout time by saving your address information. You can review your past orders, and even make shopping lists! More about how to create, use and take advantage of this convenient new feature coming very soon.
UPDATED - NEW PACKAGE SIZES: You asked. We listened ----and we are now excited to offer all of our famous TEA ReX teas and tisanes in both smaller and larger quantities. Still hand-packed in our signature, eco-friendly and freshness-preserving, resealable gold pouches, you’ll get the size and price perfect for your needs.
NEW - E-MAIL-A-FRIEND: See a product that would be just perfect for someone you know? You can now do more than just say, "I was just telling someone about this!" Click on the “E-mail a Friend” link and introduce them to the wonderful world of TEA ReX. We’re betting you get a big thank-you from your friend ---and ReX will be smiling, too!
UPDATED & COMING SOON - MORE INFORMATION: For twelve years, we’ve always found that the more someone knows about tea, the more they appreciate what we do and how we do it. We’ve been busy updating and adding more information to many of our pages and are actively continuing this process. We invite you to browse around to learn more about tea ---and about us. Please check out our FAQ page and feel free to submit other questions you would like to see added.
NEW - "OUT OF STOCK" FORM: One of the things that has always set TEA ReX apart from our competitors, is that we are always striving to keep our tea as fresh as possible, with the shelf-life of the tea at YOUR house ---not some store or warehouse. Occasionally, that means we can be temporarily out of stock on certain teas, even with the best of planning. Now, we have a way to let you know as soon as your desired tea is back in stock and ready for order. Use the “Out of Stock” link on the detail page of any out-of-stock item, to tell us that you want to be informed when that item returns to our inventory, and we'll do all the work from there.

So, put the kettle on, make your favorite “cuppa” TEA ReX tea, and enjoy the experience of browsing our new virtual teahouse. We look forward to your frequent visits as, together, we enjoy the world's second oldest beverage.  (Okay, water is first).

For the very latest information and updates from TEA ReX, be sure to join the growing legion of friends on our Facebook Fan Page and you can also receive our Twitter updates by clicking on the graphics at the right of each page.

Welcome and Enjoy!

(and the gang at TEA ReX)

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