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The Healing Power Of Ginseng & The Tonic Herbs

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Work, stress, junk food, caffeine, colds, late nights, and all the other challenges our bodies face every day can take their toll, depleting the basic vital energy the Chinese call chi. Ginseng and the tonic herbs - especially when combined with changes in diet and lifestyle - can replenish depleted chi, restoring balance in the body, invigorating the immune system, and enhancing strength and stamina.

Author Paul Bergner explains the Chinese holistic approach to health in simple terms, describing how to use ginseng and teh tonic herbs for the best possible results.  Athletes will want to use ginseng to improve endurance.  People recovering from illness will find it builds strength, vitality, and resilience.  Women can use tonic herbs to ease the symptoms of menopause, and men can use them to increase sperm count and sex drive.  In fact, just about anyone can improve his or her health with tonic herbs - this book shows you how.
Author(s): Paul Bergner
Cover / Binding: Soft Cover
Item Number: 9780761504726

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