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The Green Tea Book: China's Fountain of Youth

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From Book Cover:
Since ancient times, green tea has been recognized as a powerful healer. In modern times, scientific studies have confirmed many of these traditionally held beliefs. Naturally occurring chemical compounds call polyphenols - Found in abundance in green tea - have been found to be among the most effective of the antioxidants. And it is this important group of phytochemicals that has been identified as contributing to the prevention of cancer and heart disease, as well as having a wide variety of other healing abilities. Here, in The Green Tea Book, is a clear guide to understanding why green tea works, and how you can use it for both good health and great taste.

The Green Tea Book begins by exploring the exciting scientific research that supports this amazing beverage's properties. It then focuses on green tea's long and rich history, from its centuries-old place of honor in Asian cultures to its growing use in the West. The book goes on to examine the individual benefits green tea offers - its use as an antioxidant in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and stroke; its ability to promote longevity; its use as a digestive aid; its many benefits to women's health; and its role in fighting cavities and gingivitis. It even provides a practical section on choosing, brewing, and storing teas year-round.

If you have ever wondered why you should switch to green tea, you will find all the reasons you need in this one book. Healing and delicious, green tea is the perfect beverage to sip along with your biscotti, to warm yourself with on a cold winter's night, or to use as a healthful addition to your diet.

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Author(s): Lester A. Mitscher, Ph.D. and Victoria Dolby
Cover / Binding: Soft Cover
Item Number: 9780895298072

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