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Black Tea

From robustly rich and full-bodied ---to light, smooth, brisk and refreshing. Fully oxidized leaves. There's a black tea for every taste. Enjoy a cup to refresh, stimulate and energize your day!

Handpacked in our airtight, golden resealable pouches.
India Black Tea
One of the largest producers of black teas with wonderful variety and uniquely individual characteristics within each growing region.
China Black Tea
China produces some of the highest grades of tea known. Keemun, Yunnan and many other special varieties that make having a cup a remarkably unique experience.
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Black Tea
Sri Lanka, the island nation once known as Ceylon, produces these fine teas which are perfect for an afternoon pick me up or a nice balanced iced tea.
Specialty Blends
Combining several types of black tea to make some the most notable and famous blends known to the tea community.
Flavoured Black Tea
Never sprayed with perfumes! Our flavoured black teas are the essence of premium loose teas paired with wonderfully rich and exotic flavours.

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