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At Lake Champlain Chocolates, the goal has always been the creation of something special. The union of the rich history of making fine chocolate, the heritage of craftsmanship, and the wonderful flavors of Vermont is accomplished every day at their factory, producing sweet indulgences with pride that goes into each bite. Perhaps that's why The New York Times reveres it as "some of the best chocolate in the country."

Lake Champlain Chocolate contains no additives or shelf extenders - no junk, no kidding! As chocolate has over 500 flavor components, anything extra is bound to compromise the flavor.
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Organic Hot Chocolate
Price: $9.00
Organic Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate is enjoyed by millions, yet few recipes combine the oldest traditions with the purest natural ingredients.
Organic Unsweetened Cocoa
Price: $7.50
Organic Unsweetened Cocoa
Our famous chocolate ready for baking and cooking.