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Featured Tea of the Month

Each month, we select and stock up on a special tea --- particularly palate pleasing, and perfect for the season...

... then we offer it to our TEA ReX family of customers at a special savings of ten percent --- on all sizes and quantities!

Don't miss your chance to indulge in some of your favorites or expand your tea cabinet with some new favorites --- wonderfully fresh, select, premium teas at special savings --- exclusively from TEA ReX!

TEA ReX Tea of the Month for February:

Passion Fruit Black Tea

Passion Fruit is a widely misunderstood fruit. It may not be very "pretty" on the outside, but the inside holds some of the most deliciously sweet and rewarding flavor imaginable. (Just as many love affairs start off a bit rough around the edges and eventually reveal their true inner beauty.)

TEA ReX Passion Fruit Black Tea, however, is instantly appealing --- both visually and on the palate. This naturally slightly sweet flavor, without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners, becomes rich and rewarding from the first to last sip.

And you'll want to stock up at this special price, because you're sure to enjoy it the entire year 'round -- as Passion Fruit Tea is one of our top-selling Summer iced tea favorites!

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Passion Fruit Tea
Price: From $7.95 to $25.95
Sale Price: From $7.16 to $23.36
Passion Fruit Tea
A light tea blend of certified organic teas and organic passion fruit.