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Featured Tea of the Month

Each month, we select and stock up on a special tea --- particularly palate pleasing, and perfect for the season...

... then we offer it to our TEA ReX family of customers at a special savings of ten percent --- on all sizes and quantities!

Don't miss your chance to indulge in some of your favorites or expand your tea cabinet with some new favorites --- wonderfully fresh, select, premium teas at special savings --- exclusively from TEA ReX!

TEA ReX Tea of the Month for April:

Tung Ting Oolong

The most remarkable Oolong we offer, featuring the light body and refreshing character of truly stunning green teas, counter-balanced with the rich and lush complexity of the finest "Formosa" Oolongs of Taiwan.

With our Tung Ting (Green Dragon) Oolong, you'll experience the delicate nuance of floral sweetness and the richness of a nutty yet creamy finish --- it's the perfect way to bring in the rejuvenating power of Spring and really make it your own.

Yes, Spring is here --- and you can have it in your tea cup, too!

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Tung Ting (Green Dragon)
Price: From $11.50 to $32.95
Sale Price: From $10.35 to $29.66
Tung Ting (Green Dragon)
A fabulously lush, green oolong from Taiwan. Light and refreshing, yet complex and rewarding.