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Featured Tea of the Month

Each month, we select and stock up on a special tea --- particularly palate pleasing, and perfect for the season...

... then we offer it to our TEA ReX family of customers at a special savings of ten percent --- on all sizes and quantities!

Don't miss your chance to indulge in some of your favorites or expand your tea cabinet with some new favorites --- wonderfully fresh, select, premium teas at special savings --- exclusively from TEA ReX!

TEA ReX Tea of the Month for April:
Chelsea Tea Garden Tisane

A caffeine-free tisane, the perfect blending of much of what makes Spring so beautifully enjoyable. A clean-tasting blend of refreshing spearmint and lemongrass begin this herbal infusion. We then add chamomile, passion flower, elderberry, roses and other select berries and flowers to expand the richness of this colorful, luscious infusion.

This popular TEA ReX blend is often described as "evolving" in the cup. How so?  When steaming hot, the first sip brings the mint and brighter flavors, but as your cup begins to cool, the rich taste of the berries and chamomile come forward to round out your enjoyment. The bright colors of this caffeine-free infusion, along with its naturally calming and relaxing benefits, make this the perfect Springtime cuppa!  And you'll definitely want to try it iced, too!

Yes, Spring is here --- and it's in your tea cup, too!

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Chelsea Tea Garden
Price: From $7.95 to $25.95
Sale Price: From $7.16 to $23.36
Chelsea Tea Garden
A delicately complex blend that starts out light and refreshing and "evolves" in the cup to include richer rounder notes as you sip.