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Each month, we select and stock up on a special tea --- particularly palate pleasing, and perfect for the season...

... then we offer it to our TEA ReX family of customers at a special savings of ten percent --- on all sizes and quantities!

Don't miss your chance to indulge in some of your favorites or expand your tea cabinet with some new favorites --- wonderfully fresh, select, premium teas at special savings --- exclusively from TEA ReX!

TEA ReX Tea of the Month for December:
White Spring Pekoe

The holiday season brings many things to mind… Time with family & friends. Christmas parties full of indulgences and laughter. Lavish holiday feasts. Gifts of all kinds to make the mood bright and joyous.

Of course, this is also the time of year that little voice in our head reminds us to avoid the over indulgences which all-too-often put on the extra pounds and negatively impact our health.

Well, leave it to TEA ReX to help ease your holiday guilt with a wonderfully light and refreshing premium white tea. White teas are historically the rarest and most sought-after of fine teas. They are renowned for their high levels of age-fighting antioxidants. There are even studies which indicate that regular consumption of white tea can aid in fat reduction and weight loss.

This is a spectacular white tea, regarded by many as a healthful fountain of youth -- while providing a deliciously warming "cuppa" on those cold December days!

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White Spring Pekoe
Price: From $9.95 to $17.50
Sale Price: From $8.96 to $15.75
White Spring Pekoe
The leaves are slightly rolled which produces a more vegetive quality to the tea.